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The Diabetes Surveillance project team at the Robert Koch Institute.

Darstellung der Projektmitglieder der Diabetes-Surveillance Source: Diabetes-Surveillance

Diabetes Surveillance project team
Dr. Christa Scheidt-Nave (principal investigator)Unit 25 Physical Health
Dr. Thomas Ziese (principal investigator)Unit 24 Health Reporting
Dr. Christin Heidemann (project coordination)Unit 25 Physical Health
Dr. Maike Buchmann (projekct coordination)Unit 25 Physical Health
Sezai ArslanUnit 25 Physical Health
Dr. Jens BaumertUnit 25 Physical Health
Dr. Yong DuUnit 25 Physical Health
Denise DucksUnit 25 Physical Health
Robyn KettlitzUnit 24 Health Reporting
Dr. Laura KrauseUnit 24 Health Reporting
Dr. Rebekka MummUnit 25 Physical Health
Eleni PatelakisUnit 25 Physical Health
Dr. Lukas ReitzleUnit 24 Health Reporting
Dr. Christian SchmidtUnit 24 Health Reporting
Dr. Roma ThammUnit 25 Physical Health
Oktay TuncerUnit 24 Health Reporting
Peter von RappardUnit 24 Health Reporting