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Scientific advisory board

The research project Extension of the project Diabetes Surveillance with expansion to an NCD Surveillance is overseen by a scientific advisory board.

The advisory board provides advice to National Diabetes Surveillance on how best to reach its goal of developing systematic monitoring of the situation relating to diabetes in Germany. The board consists of 20 representatives from the fields of epidemiology, health services research, health reporting, quality assurance, health promotion, public relations and patient self-help, as well as representatives from the federal states. As the project’s sponsor, the Federal Ministry of Health is regularly present on the board as a guest.

The advisory board is tasked with the following:

  • Supporting the development of medium and long-term goals
  • Participating in an advisory capacity in drawing up and advancing the concept, and setting the focus
  • Promoting cooperation with state authorities, scientific institutions, specialist associations and professional bodies and organisations
  • Developing cooperation with users and owners of relevant data sources
  • Providing professional advice to aid decision-making, if requested