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The research project to develop diabetes surveillance at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is funded by the Federal Ministry of Health and is to continue for a total of six years. The project aims to develop periodic indicator-based health reporting on diabetes to provide prompt and action-oriented information for health policy, health research, health care and public health. This is to be done by operationalising the links between data from RKI health monitoring and other relevant sources at the federal and regional levels. The project is intended to serve as a model project for the surveillance of other public health-relevant non-communicable diseases (NCD) within the framework of a planned overarching public health surveillance at the RKI.

Project director: Dr Christa Scheidt-Nave (Unit 25), Dr Thomas Ziese (Unit 24)

Project coordination: Dr Christin Heidemann (Unit 25), Dr. Maike Buchmann (Unit 25)


  • First project phase: December 2015 until December 2019
  • Second project phase: January 2020 to December 2021
  • Third project phase: January 2022 to June 2023

Data source(s): Studies by RKI health monitoring (GNHIES98, DEGS, GEDA, KiGGS, Add-on Surveys) as well as relevant data sources at the federal and regional level

Type of project: Research project

Commissioned and financed by: The Federal Ministry of Health

Cooperation partners: Data holders of official statistics, disease registers and procedure data

More information

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Diabetes surveillance aims to provide prompt and periodic reporting on disease dynamics and determinants, quality of care, and secondary diseases.

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The dynamics of diabetes are measured periodically using specifically defined indicators.

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Overview of the Diabetes Surveillance project team at the Robert Koch Institute.

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Scientific Advisory Board

The research project ‘Developing national diabetes surveillance at the Robert Koch Institute’ is overseen by a scientific advisory board.