GSB 7.1 Standardlösung

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Indicator set

The indicator set comprises a total of 40 defined indicators or indicator groups that are grouped into four fields of action. It constitutes the core of diabetes surveillance.

Overview of the consensus-based indicator set for the Diabetes Surveillance

The indicators were selected and defined as part of a multi-stage process comprising a literature review and a consensus-based process that took place together with Diabetes Surveillance’s Scientific Advisory Board (Gabrys et al., 2018). The process led to the selection of 30 core and 10 supplementary indicators that are divided into the following four fields of action:

(1) Reducing the risk of diabetes

(2) Improving the early detection and treatment of diabetes

(3) Reducing the complications of diabetes

(4) Reducing the burden and costs of disease (see figure)

The aim is to present the indicators by age, sex, region and, wherever possible, by education.