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New infographics on diabetes in children, adolescents and adults in Germany

The diabetes surveillance at the Robert Koch Institute presents the disease dynamics of diabetes in Germany using a variety of indicators. To make the results more easily available, infographics have been developed that summarize key findings on diabetes in children, adolescents and adults in an easily understandable and visually appealing way.

People process visual information faster than text. One form of visual representation is the infographic. This enables an effective presentation of data by linking texts and images. The diabetes surveillance has collected and analyzed a lot of data over time and published the results in professional articles, the diabetes report and on the website. The aim in developing the infographics was to present essential information on diabetes in Germany at a glance. The infographics provide important key figures on diabetes and inform about concomitant and secondary diseases, early detection and care or risk factors for the development of type 2 diabetes.

A total of three infographics were created. The first infographic takes a look at diabetes in children and adolescents, the second infographic focuses on diabetes in adults. The third infographic provides an overview of diabetes and includes all age groups.

Infographic: Diabetes in children and adolescents

Diabetes in children and adolescents

Infographic: Diabetes in adults

Diabetes in adults

Infographic: Diabetes at a glance

Diabetes at a glance