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Article on excess mortality in persons with diabetes

For the first time, the excess mortality of diabetes was calculated using claims data from all statutory health insurance companies in Germany. In a recent publication of the Diabetes Surveillance, excess mortality is also estimated separately by sex for younger age groups on the basis of these claims data.

Women and men with documented diabetes have a 1.5-fold higher mortality rate in Germany than persons without diabetes. Excess mortality is strongly increased in the younger age groups. This means that in particular people who are diagnosed with diabetes at a younger age have an increased risk of death compared to people of the same age without diabetes. Women and men aged 30-34 years with a documented diabetes diagnosis show a more than 6.5-fold higher mortality rate compared to the group without diabetes. With increasing age, excess mortality decreases significantly. For women and men with diabetes in middle age, the mortality rate is still 3-fold to 2-fold higher and decreases to 1.5-fold to 1.1-fold for women and men with diabetes 80 years and older.

The full article entitled Excess mortality in adults with documented diabetes in Germany: routine data analysis of all insurance claims in Germany 2013–2014 can be found here.

Interactive visualizations in regard with mortality among persons with and without diabetes can be found here.